Empower your students with a deep understanding of industrial automation and advanced manufacturing technology.

    • Modern Robotics

      LocoArm is a real robot power packed with 5 degrees of freedom and environmental sensors. Go beyond STEM toys and coding playgrounds!

    • Industry Standard Coding

      Code in industry standard Python or Java, some of the top languages powering the future of automation and advanced manufacturing

    • Ignite Your Classroom

      LocoArm adds project-based learning and hands-on engagement to any high school STEM, technology, computer science, and engineering class

    • Multidisciplinary

      Teach coding, robotics, sensors, mechanics, forward and inverse kinematics, geometry, sensor fusion, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence


How It Works

  • LocoArm Robotic Arm and Python

    Program LocoArm with geometry-based arm motion planning to create a testbed for advanced manufacturing technology

  • Robotics and Coding

    Program the LocoArm with Python or Java coding in an industry standard development environment

  • LocoRobo Academy Lessons

    Immerse students in project-based learning and multi-disciplinary lessons in programming, motion-planning, machine learning, statistics, and data analysis in the LocoRobo Academy

  • LocoArm coding and robotics

    Watch the magic unfold!






  • MAC OS

  • Linux

Grades 6-8: LocoArm Explorer


    • Python Coding
    • Grades 6-8
    • Mechanics, Kinematics
      Geometry, Sensor Fusion
  • • 30+ Hands-on lessons and challenges

    • Pick and place automation planning

    • Linear mapping based position control

    • Foundations of Python programming and industry standard coding practices

    • Sensor physics

    • Sensor data acquisition, visualization, and analysis

    • Automation challenges

Grades 9-12: LocoArm Voyager

  • Voyager

    • Python or Java
    • Grades 9-12
    • Mechanics, Kinematics
      Geometry, Sensor Fusion
      Internet Of Things
  • • 45+ Hands-on lessons and challenges

    • Pick and place automation planning

    • Linear mapping based and spherical coordinate based position control

    • Beginner to intermediate level programming in Python, Java or C++ and industry standard coding practices

    • Sensor physics

    • Real-time sensor data acquisition, visualization, and analysis

    • Programming web and mobile connected applications for remote app-controlled and internet connected automation

Grades 9-12: LocoArm Voyager With AI

  • raspi-locoarm
  • • Python Coding with Raspberry Pi

    • Computer Vision Module

    • Color/Object Detection

    • Computer Vision based Pick and Place

    • Computer Vision based Industrial Tasks

    • Computer Vision based Advanced Manufacturing

    • Real-World Artificial Intelligence applications for STEM, Engineering, Computer Science, and CTE

  • "Hands down the most insanely awesome addition to my high school curriculum! My students are able to detect objects using less than 30 lines of Python code...mind blown!"

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LocoArm for Your Summer Camp

Everything you need to create a Modern Robotics Camp at your school this summer!

  • LocoArm

    Build structures and play games with LocoArm

    A robotic arm for coding sensor-based pick-and-place sequences!

    • Codable Ground Robots, Drones, Robotic Arms, and Modern Sensor Kits

      We will work with you to create the experience that will delight your campers the most

    • cs

      Cutting-Edge Software For All Levels

      3D Design and Graphical block coding + Python with options to use iOS, Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac

    • Engaging Activities, Challenges, and Competitions

      High energy activity guides tailored to your camp schedule and ages

    • Expert Training For Your Staff

      Online and onsite training for using LocoRobo, activities support, and program design

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Weekly Webinar Product Demos With LocoRobo

Join the LocoRobo team for a live introduction to the LocoXtreme Robot and LocoRobo Academy.


    Programmable geometry-based arm motion planning


    Coding platform and lesson library with teaching materials


    K-12 Robotics and Computer Science Pathway

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